About us

Our goal: To bring you the best technical and financial solution to answer your needs.

ExoCell is a French, independent and socially-driven company from the Hauts de France.
Created in October 2014 by Stanislas MICHAUX and Matthieu GEORGEL, ExoCell is the result of 25 years’ experience earned working for the major players in water treatment and industrial advising.
ExoCell designs and manufactures modular water treatment equipment devoted to industrial issues. ExoCell aspires to bring you the best solution with easy to use and self-driving equipment, whilst reducing water treatment costs.
Our commitment: to help and advise you in installing long-term solutions.
Our proposal: a team of women and men ready to support you in your projects management, through a relationship based on partnership and innovation.


Our technical sales representatives study your needs and define the best technical solution. 3D design is conducted by our engineering team.


Your equipment is designed and assembled in our workshop. Everything is thought through in order to optimise the installation of our modular pre-assembled solutions and to allow quick set-up.

Analysis and monitoring

Our specialists carry out analysis of effluents to be treated in our laboratory and prepare trial tests which can be conducted at ExoCell factory or on-site.
Remote monitoring allows us to anticipate and secure your process.

Research & Development

Innovation is truly a part of ExoCell’s DNA which spends a great part of its resources in Research and Development. We wish to develop our supply of innovative, self-driving and modular equipment to answer the economic and environmental needs to meet the expectations of our clients. Our technology has evolved thanks to 25 years’ experience working for the major water treatment players, the analysis of hundreds of scientific studies and a special attention given to the expectation of industrial companies.

Exocell, entreprise solidaire d'utilité sociale

Our expertise

For the monitoring of your plant.

ExoCell brings you a real technical expertise to optimise the performance of your equipment.


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