ExoCell’s equipment for physical or physico-chemical treatments

Separation via dissolved air flotation

Physical and physico-chemical treatments have the purpose to separate the Suspended Solids (SS), oils and greases/fats from the water before its discharge. The use of reagent helps in agglomerating the SS and pollutants in “flocs”.

FLOLIBULL flotation tank

Dissolved air flotation removes Suspended Solids, oils, greases/fat and particular Chemical oxygen Demand (COD), through to the ascensional speed of bubbles. / Product page

NANOBULL compact pressurisation skid

Allows white-water production, water saturated with microbubbles. It is associated with dissolved air flotation to separate suspended solids using the ascensional speed of bubbles.

ELECTRIBELL control-command unit

Brain of your installation, it drives your process

CELLCONTROLL polypropylene tank

Intended for receiving measuring equipment and a pump’s suction flange.

Flobell flocculator

A dynamic polypropylene flocculator allowing flocs agglomeration with the contact between the Suspended Solids and the flocculent. Useful to optimise settling and flotation.

MOBICELL shipping container

In order to deliver “Plug and Play” installations, we can assemble homemade modules in insulated, secure and air-conditioned containers.



Regardless of the size of your company and your problem, ExoCell will advise you and set-up a custom-made, effective and sustainable solution to optimise your process and your operating costs.
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For the monitoring of your plant.

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