Treatment of groundwater on the EOLE construction site

In 2018, ExoCell designed the treatment of groundwater required for the EOLE works at Saint-Lazare, Porte Maillot and La Défense. For each site, ExoCell delivered a lamellar settler to thicken the sludge produced and, at Porte Maillot, a dosage of oxidant to eliminate hydrogen sulphide H2S.

Equipment installed:

  • Settling tank: ClariDull M
  • reagent dosing: PolyBull
  • ElectriBell control unit to control the equipment.

Installation performance

Elimination of the risk of poisoning and odours

Highlights of the installation:

  • Compact solution to meet space constraints,
  • Corrosion-resistant equipment,
  • Dosing of dangerous reagents in complete safety,
  • Optimised reagent consumption.