CLARIDULL: Settling tank

Inclined plate settler with sludge blanket filtration.
• Flocs settling
• Collects clarified water in the top chutes
• Optional: anti-UV cover

Associated with a previous precipitation, coagulation and flocculation, the ClariDull separates water from suspended particles (sand and clay, colloidal particles, insoluble COD, metals, phosphorus…).


High settling speed.
Space optimisation: vertical conception, with a floor space reduced by 4 times compared to a classic settling tank.
Optimised maintenance without submersed electromechanical equipment.
Corrosion-resistant: built in polypropylene.
Automatic by the ElectriBell.
Air cleaning system.

Product range

Size Flow levels* Footprint in m2
m3/h m2
S 5-30 2
M 20-50 4

* Capacity depending on the nature of the flow

ClariDull can be combined with those following modules



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