NANOBULL: Pressurisation / White-water production

Compact pressurisation skid to optimise the flotation process, combined with the FloliBull, it allows:
• dissolution of air,
• production of microbubbles.

Dissolved air flotation uses the ascensional speed of the bubbles to separate water from suspended solids, NanoBull creates white-water (a mixture of water and microbubbles).


Dissolves ambient air: no need for an air compressor.
Reduced energy consumption and space optimisation: 4 times less than a conventional system.
Variable white-water flow rate: adjustable to treatment needs.
Automatic control by the ElectriBell.
Upstream and downstream pressure sensors.

Product range

Size White-water flow Air flow Recommended flotation flow * Installed power
m3/h NL/min m3/h kW
XS 1 1,3 2-8 0,75
S 3 4 5-20 2,2
M 8 11 15-40 5,5
L 15 27 35-70 11

*Needs of white-water dependent on the water temperature and the load in kg SS/h

NanoBull can be combined with those following modules



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