Our expertise to optimise and monitor your installations

Optimisation and Monitoring

We propose a real technical expertise in order to optimise the performance of your installation.

Analysis, reliability and optimisation of your installation

In order to define optimised processes, our experts can carry out audits and analyse your data, your challenges and identify the reasons for potential malfunction. Specialists in water treatment, they can answer your needs regardless of the size of your company, your installations, or your field of activity.
Thanks to our laboratory, we can quickly diagnose and determine the actions that must be done. We carry out complete studies to propose the best corrections, optimisations or capacity increases solutions for you.

Anticipation and avoidance through data analysis

Our experts can analyse the data from your process in order to monitor the performance of your installations, reagent dosing, and the quality of effluents… Data analysis allows us to make recommendations in order to prevent risks, optimise operations and related budgets.

Ces analyses sont possibles grâce aux équipements innovants et connectés d’ExoCell.

Brain of our installations

ElectriBell control-command units:

They drive each steps of the treatment (pumping, aeration, reagent dosing, alarm and remote monitoring).
They are autonomous and communicate with each other, allowing an automatic management of the installation and its remote control.

Measures and data recording:

Integrated sensors in our equipment measure physical data: (temperature, turbidity, pH, conductivity…) and the variations in motor frequency. Normal levels are set in the ElectriBell in order to trigger the necessary alerts.
This data is digitised and stored in a PLC and recoverable in situ or remotely with a modem. Personalised reports can be implemented.