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ExoCell or how to bounce back…

ExoCell or how to bounce back…


March 17th, 2020. A date everyone remembers in France. The acceleration of the spread of the COVID19 virus leads our government to place our country under lockdown, something never seen before in our country’s modern history. After that, everything went very quickly: temporary closure of our company, partial reopening, staff absence due to school closures, supply difficulties and, above all, a sudden drop in activity. Potential customers are cautious, the situation is uncertain, investments are postponed and our turnover collapses.

For ExoCell, this was the beginning of the end, with the company being placed in legal redress on November 10th. The legal redress is worrying. First of all, for our employees. “Will my company close?” “Will I lose my job?” “Will I find another one in the current context?” Suppliers: “Will we get paid?” And finally, customers: “Can we trust a company in difficulty?” “Are we going to entrust our projects to a company that could close at any moment?”. A legitimate question, wherever it comes from. And yet, 14 months later, we are proud to still be present, for our employees, our suppliers, our customers and all our partners.

Our recipe? A large dose of optimism, a large dose of willpower and a dash of hope. Because you need a bit of hope to get out of such a situation…

And yet, that is what we did! We refused to believe that our beautiful story would end like this, we refused to give up, we refused to accept the situation as a fatality. And we fought! Every day, to reassure our employees, by keeping them informed at all times of the evolution of the situation, by proposing training courses to maintain their employability if things “went wrong”; to reassure our suppliers, by paying our orders in advance, to continue producing; to reassure our customers, by playing the transparency card and by only committing ourselves to projects that we were certain we could ensure until the end.

It’s this work of communication, in all transparency, of permanent reassurance that has given our team the strength to continue investing themselves, our suppliers to continue delivering us and our clients to trust us with their projects. To all of them, we say THANK YOU! Thank you because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And because we are proud of the work we have accomplished despite the situation, we are certain that ExoCell has many more years abrain and will continue to support its employees in their development, as well as all our partners who we have supported until now.